Stuarts Fish & Chip Restaurant

Stuarts Of Driffield

Fish & Chip Restaurant & Takeaways

At Stuart's we source from local top quality assured suppliers that we have built solid relationships with over 25 years. Our potatoes are grown especially for us by a local company W Lee & Co; they can trace them back to the field they are grown in. Our flour is blended especially for us to our own specification in the Bradshaw's Mill at Driffield. Fish is only bought from suppliers who source from sustainable fish stocks using responsible methods, again these relationships have been built on trust over many years and have involved us visiting their premises on a regular basis. These suppliers include Venture Seafoods Ltd from Bridlington. Our fresh fruit & vegetables are bought from a range of local suppliers.

Stuart’s Fish and Chips has a Restaurant based in Driffield as well as two takeaways. We also have three fish and chip shops in Beverley, one in Malton and one in Pocklington. For more information on the Restaurant click here.

Stuart & Vanessa